Registration rules for Organizations

To register on, you must follow the registration rules to keep the site clean, beautiful and accessible.


Mandatory and simple field, example of filling. Mina beauty salon


Having a logo is very important for online presence, it is a must to have a quality logo to register on the site.


3. Address *

The service address is also very important, because the main functionality of the site is based on regional compatibility.


4. Phone number *

A person finding your services should be able to contact you easily, which means that filling in a phone number is a must.


5. Email *

Many people do not like to be contacted by phone and prefer to send an email, so E-mail is also required.


6. Working hours

Not mandatory, but important, because the client will not bother you during non-working hours


7. Services

  1. The name must be presented correctly
  2. The field about the service should be maximally informative and consist of at least 255 characters.
  3. Services must be personalized, that is, you cannot create 1 service and present multiple services in the data.


8. Gallery

Pictures must be of good quality, beautifully presented.

You can see the best registration example via this link